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As some of you might be aware, Lindfield Cricket Club has its own photo gallery ( 

It’s a terrific space for us to display some of the great photos of our sons, fathers, husbands and, in last season's case, wives playing the game! 
Posting photos is very simple. Upload them to this space here ( and they should be uploaded within a week. It would be helpful if photos can be named with a description of who is in the photo/game being played. 
Many thanks and I look forward to us being able to showcase our snaps.
Best wishes,
Huw Jones


This year Newks and I have established that we want to make the most of the Photo Gallery that the club runs (see link above).  Obviously, in the past the only pictures that have been uploaded have been Dad’s or mine as we ran the account, but I’d quite like this to change.

 If you have any Lindfield Cricket Club related photos/videos you want to upload - be it team photos or action shots - upload them to our online dead-drop ( ) and I will be able to put them on the photo gallery. (It's dead easy - no technical knowledge required).
We aim to submit photos to the Mid-Sussex Times this year too, so by uploading these pictures you consent to your photos being used etc etc etc. (zzzzzz). This is the easiest way of passing photos around the club without excessive emailing and attachments.
The more photos we receive the more we will be able to create albums etc and we have an enormous amount of storage to make use of, so send what you like.
Importantly please put a brief description as the file name for each photograph. 
I’m hoping this can be a success this year but like all things, it requires everyone’s involvement and enthusiasm.
Huw Jones