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Playing Conditions 2018

Mike Newcombe, 9 March 2018 09:01


For 2018 these Playing Conditions will be in use for Lindfield's 2nd, 3rd and 4th XI's


MSCL Playing Conditions - 90 Overs 2018

MSCL Playing Conditions - 40-40 2018

MSCL Playing Conditions - T20 2018

MSCL Constitution - 2018

Above are the Playing Conditions for the Sussex Cricket League, Central Divisions 5-11 which apply to the “90 overs W/L/D”, “40/40 W/L” and “20/20 Cup” this season and which incorporate the changes agreed at the AGM in November. I appreciate that there is lot to digest but it is important that all clubs fully understand the new Playing Conditions before the season starts. The main changes from the AGM were:-


1. Introduction of a split season of 90 overs (W/L/D) and 40/40 (W/L) format;

2. Team sheets to be completed in all matches;

3. A 14 overs limit imposed on the number of overs bowled by any player;

4. A side batting first and winning will gain 30 points irrespective of any bonus points earned;

5. Tea will be provided by the home side at no cost to the opposition;

6. No team in the League shall have more than one overseas player in any match.


In conjunction with the above you should also be aware of the following:-


1.   The new Laws of Cricket 2017 Code came into force on 1st October 2017 and will apply to games played in our league from this season onwards. You should therefore familiarise yourselves with its contents to ensure that your club is fully aux fait with its contents by the start of the season.


      The new Laws were discussed at the last Adults League Group meeting and the following was agreed:-


      a) For non-pitching deliveries, all balls bowled irrespective of their speed which pass above waist height of the upright striker will be called no ball. (Law 41.7);


          b)  Field Misconduct Sanctions - following ECB recommendations these sanctions will only be used in matches in Divisions 5 and above and then only when an ECB ACO qualified umpire is Umpiring. (Law 42);

          c)   Fielder Absent or Leaving the Field of Play – Law 24.2 & 25.3 relating to the Penalty time for leaving the field of play will apply, but not until 15 minutes have elapsed.

2.   40/40 (W/L) matches – as stated above the league matches this season will be split between 90 overs (W/L/D) and 40/40 (W/L) format. In Divisions 5 to 9 the first 5 and last 4 matches in the fixture list will be 40/40 (W/L) matches and in Divisions 10 and 11 first 4 and last 4 matches in the fixture list will be 40/40 (W/L) matches.


3.   Restrictions on the placement of fielders – in the 40/40 (W/L) and 20/20 cup competitions Playing Conditions you will see that in these games fielding restrictions will apply. This will mean that clubs must clearly define the restricted area using appropriate plastic, rubber or white painted discs.  Hopefully most clubs will have appropriate disc but if not the following Ebay site offers packs of 20 for £14.99. 

4.   Wides - in the 40/40 (W/L) and 20/20 cup competitions Playing Conditions you will see that a stricter view is being taken on the definition of a wide ball and you will see that the League requires clubs to is add the 17” wide markings when preparing the strip for play.

5.   Promotion/relegation from Division 9 and Divisions 10 – after careful consideration, the Executive have agreed that the bottom two clubs in Division 9 will be relegated and replaced by the clubs finishing top of Divisions 10 (SC) and 10 (NC).

A lot of work has gone into preparing the Playing Conditions and making them as “user friendly” as possible. However, I am sure that there will be issues that not all clubs will agree with but with the right attitude I am sure they can be integrated into the League without too many complaints. Also remember that they will apply for this season and from 2019 all the Leagues will be playing under a new set of rules and constitution.


Dave Parsons

Chairman, Mid-Sussex Cricket League