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Executive Committee Minutes - January

Mike Newcombe, 30 January 2018 20:44



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Notesof the 1st meeting of 2018 Executive Committee held in The Red Lion on 24th January 2018

Present: Les Andrews, Bob Hopkins, Jason Morgan, Malcolm Page, Mike Newcombe, Gareth Cater, Gerry Waite



Apologies for absence

Adele Pedley, Adrian Whear



Minutes of the last meeting





Actions from previous meeting


· Honours Board needs updating. ONGOING

· Bob to prepare annual task list and nominate/ask members to carry them out. ONGOING

· Gazza had written to two building companies with regard to the potential use of “Section106” money. He had also met with Leaders regarding possible for sponsorship for 2018 - now agreedHe also agreed to approach Mark Newey (Academy parent and Chairman of HHRFC) regarding sponsorship ideas. DISCHARGED

· Results of the survey of membership were encouraging, at least in that almost 50% of playing members had responded, even if there was no clear cut views on many of the questions. Phil Hogan was taking on the responsibility of organising Cricket Week. Phil Tolhurst would help with maintenance work at Hickman’s Lane and Stewart Hornby would be helping out with the bar.DISCHARGED

· Les and Adrian would discuss the challenges of persuading more Academy members to play senior cricket – this was being pursued by Jason. DISCHARGED

· The Club dinner will be on 10 November at Lindfield Golf Club. Mike volunteered to sell tickets and collect money. Seniors would pay £20 and Academy members £10. DISCHARGED

· Gazza would put together a “development plan” for Hickman’s Lane. Now subject to discussions with MSDC DISCHARGED

· Generally income was on target but fundraising was down about £2000, Adrian would check as to why. ONGOING

· Mike N and Mike Hewett would work on the CASC returns. Les to clarify with Adrian how many years were involved. ONGOING

· NEW LEASE – This had now been completed. It was noted that the new trustees of the Club are Malcolm Page, Adrian Whear and Gareth Cater. Lease needs to be registered. ONGOING


































Pavilion and Ground Report





· DEVELOPMENT – Les reiterated that the Committee had agreed to pursue the extension in conjunction with LFC, LJFC and the Montessori nursery. Foundations for the extension had been put in place funded by an external donation

o HICKMAN’S LANE – Gary Marsh from MSDC supported the improvement in the condition of the pitch and outfield at Hickman’s Lane and had asked us to task the MSDC grounds contractor with our requirements. We would push for both improvements to the grass square (Malcolm would liaise with MSDC on this) and the possibility of installing an artificial wicket which Les would push with them.

o LFC/ MID-SUSSEX FOOTBALL LEAGUE (MSFL) – We had met with LFC who would provide a letter of support for the extension in exchange for a long-term commitment for us to hire it to them and some dedicated space for trophies etc. MSFL would also provide a letter of support

o MONTESSORI NURSERY – A positive meeting had taken place. They would provide a letter of support and possibly some cost-sharing (eg replacement of existing carpet). They had said they were happy with box seating in the lounge and, with a minor change of the position of the door, with their storage space in the extended pavilion. They had asked for access to the external storage in the extension for their outside equipment.

o LJFC – They had asked for dedicated space to be built which was outside the existing planning permission. Whilst we could apply for this it must be subject to some clear financial commitment from LJFC (which we believe they could give).


After some discussion it was agreed that we should investigate further the idea of moving towards some arrangement for joint management of the pavilion. Any proposals accepted by the committee would be subject to the agreement of members. Les to push LJFC for a response on their precise requirements and commitment


· EXISTING PAVILION – It appeared that we had not received payment from LFC for the recent redevelopment work. Malcolm would contact them.

It was agreed that the handover date from LFC should be 15 April. Bob to let them know


· GROUND – Nothing to report

· NETS – We need to order the noise reduction blankets and obtain funds from MSDC. Organise a “Nets Day” at the start of the season to clean out and erect blankets.

















































Finance Report


· No report







Cricket report



· We have recruited an Australian overseas player for the coming season. He is a L2 coach. He will be travelling on an “ancestral” visa arrangement. Accommodation arrangements yet to be confirmed

· Mike reported on various other new or returning players whom he believed would be available during the season

· Lloyd was standing down as 4th XI captain, both this vacancy and the position of 2nd XI captain would be discussed at a forthcoming Cricket Committee meeting

· Players to be advised of new disciplinary measures being introduced















Academy report


· Jason reported that he had managers for every age group for the season

· There was a concern over the “All-Stars” group (which had been changed from Sunday mornings to Friday evenings) in that Jason needed at least one other senior volunteer to help him. Notes would be sent to the members encouraging help. It was agreed that Friday evenings would have the potential of turning into a significant “Club Night “

· Jason would be organising a pre-season meeting for the Academy – not before 15 April

· There would be no free kit for Academy members this year

· Jason was still trying to make contact with Lucy Saunders regarding a girls/ladies initiative

· Jason would source Academy photos for Malcolm to frame.

· A vote of thanks passed for Jason and Julie for all their work in making the Academy the success that it is.








Social Report


· Phil Hogan would be organising the social side of Cricket Week

· Bob would talk to Phil/Rob about a BBQ and the management thereof.

· Bob to agree a date for this year’s dinner with Michelle










Club Welfare Officers Report



· Nothing to report








· It was agreed that we should charge £5 for Ardingly nets

· Also £45 would be maintained as the charge for Sunday teas

· Amy Newcombe would probably be available, if required, for Cricket Week catering

· Mike pointed out that we would need to provide some umpires for 2nd XI games – they would not need to be qualified but he did urge people to volunteer and also to take the latest lessons (available online) for law changes for 2018

· Gerry would think about the possibilities of introducing an alternative game format for Presidents Day if it proved difficult to raise an external side.















Date of Next Meeting(s)




Wednesday 14 March, 7:30 in The Red Lion