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SPCL Playing Condition Changes 2018

Mike Newcombe, 18 December 2017 12:00

 At the SPCL AGM we changed the Playing Condition regarding  a short pitched delivery that goes over head height etc. 

This was now to be a Wide rather than a No Ball. However we have been advised from higher places that this is an unwise change, as we would be out of step with all other ECB competitions. It would be better to change our Free Hit regulation to all No Balls except this one, which brings us into line. Therefore at the League’s April Meeting of Clubs there will be a proposal to adjust this. 

So in 2018 the Playing Condition changes will then be 

1 No more than 5 fielders will be allowed on the Leg side in all matches. (Win/Lose/Draw Win/Lose and T20) 

2 In Win/Lose and T20 all No Balls will be followed by a Free Hit, except a short pitched delivery over head height. 

3 In Win/Lose matches the result will be a Tie, if Runs and Wickets are equal. 

NOTE; The renumbering of the Laws by MCC will require some Law number adjustments and certain paragraphs will be deleted as they are now included in the Laws as published on 1st October 2017.

Terry Burstow

SPCL Hon.Secretary


SPCL PLAYING CONDITIONS - The following changes were agreed at the November 2017 AGM for the 2018 season.

IN WIN/LOSE/DRAW and WIN/LOSE and T20 matches the following shall apply:

·         G4 (j) At the instant of delivery, there may not be more than five fieldsmen on the leg side.

IN WIN/LOSE and T20 matches the following shall apply:

·         WL9 Para 9.5.1 and T20 12 Para 12.1 to read: “The delivery following any No Ball shall be a free-hit for whichever batsman is facing it, except a short pitched delivery over head height.”

IN WIN/LOSE matches the following shall apply:

·         WL4 Para 4.2 to read:        ”When both sides have had the opportunity of batting for the same agreed number of overs, the side scoring the higher number of runs shall be the winner.  If the scores are equal, the result shall be determined by the loss of wickets with the side losing the fewer number of wickets being declared the winner. If still equal the result shall be a tie.”